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Option to send product prices with VAT on product pages

If you store the prices in backend without VAT and on frontend with VAT the plugin will transmit the prices without VAT to Facebook Pixel or Google pixels.

a year ago
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Save UTM Tags, Landing Page, Traffic Source as Order meta fields

Hey there Alex, sorry to open this again but I couldn't reply to the previous answer.

It's my understanding that this GA4 Source Data functionality, is dependent on both GA4 and on the user not having adblockers/advanced privacy blocking on.

The goal here is to have local/first-party data even when GA/FB/external scripts are blocked.

I'm in the final process of deciding on a Pixel Manager extension, and yours is looking much cleaner and performance minded than other bloated alternatives. The only thing I'm missing is this functionality.

It won't be a deciding factor, I'll probably just custom code it, but I believe it would be a good feature for Pixel Manager Pro. That could be further developed into a simple reporting/visualization tab similar to Payment Gateway Tracking Accuracy Report.

For me the main data would be utm_source and Landing page, that would give me a much better insight on where orders are coming from as since the iOS update GA/FB have plenty of under/over reporting issues.

Just wanted to make the suggestion more clear to you, you can go ahead and close this again


4 months ago

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